LP / Artist / Netlabel ID for a 2000ish downtempo release
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Icon5 LP / Artist / Netlabel ID for a 2000ish downtempo release

Hi guys,

Once upon a time I found a netlabel for electornic music, and one of the releases was a quality downtempo mix composed of 4-5 tracks built together as a musical journely. Ofcourse I cannot remember the LP name, artist name, netlabel name.. nothing, so I am really hoping that somebody else also stumbled across that piece of music and can help me identify the release based on these ridiculous hints:
- netlabel website was white with pastel green
- LP was probably released somewhere between 2005 - 2012
- music style: deep house, very low tempo, very melancholic/introspective
- LP artwork was an astract image of a city or building - very urban - in faded, melancholic-like colors
- the LP name was also urban, something with "city" or "underground" - if my brain is not playing games on me
- the track names were linked together or refering to the same category (e.g. caridnal points, at least this is what my braing is saying)
- even if the cover had 4-5 tracks named, the LP was one continuous piece of music but with distinctive parts corresponding to each track name
- I think the release had some sounds similar to a moving train - the metalic sounds of the rails
- the length of the release was around 22 minutes

Please help, it's been bugging me for years

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