[Trap] Voyidge - The I Can't Make Trap Trap
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[Trap] Voyidge - The I Can't Make Trap Trap

Uhh never made any trap/hip hop beats before, I always do 4x4. How are hat rolls and such?



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Re: [Trap] Voyidge - The I Can't Make Trap Trap

Trap is bass heavy, so one thing you always need is a strong, badass bass, thing kind of just sounds like default setting 3xosc, haha. This definetly doesn't sound like most trap, not sure if I'd classify it as trap, some parts are really old school techno. Just keep working on it man, drums and bass are highly important, so make sure you layer and pick the best snares, hats, and more when you are choosing sounds. Don't be lazy and just choose the first one you hear, try and experiment with lots and use your ear to really feel if you like them a ton or not. Also, side note, not sure if you meant to start the song so abruptly, but try not to instantly go into a hat trap beat right off the first bar of the song, it kinda ruins it for the drop. Most trap music has the intro, drop, break, build, and second drop. I feel like in this song it kinda just goes straight into the drop.

Sorry if I'm being too harsh or something, but in order to keep improving in music you always need to realize that you can do better, and that you should strive for a better song every track you make.
Good job man, keep making your stuff


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