[Techno / IDM] Sounds of the abandoned Factory - Platform 47
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[Techno / IDM] Sounds of the abandoned Factory - Platform 47

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I started dreaming of faraway places in future times, and I had this idea of this platform floating and sailing in the sky in an undefinite future, a mixture of pirate and technology, with a man alone living there and keeping it up using the wind because the V8 engine is broken.
In one song, I had the idea of him staring at the dawn glittering on the wet sky. If you listen carefully, you hear the sounds of a ship pitching to the wind. There, I went further with the dream: I visualized the same man in his bed on the platform, having an unbelievable dream after falling into unconsciousness. The album is a concept album on this dream.
I traced the guidelines of the work: an intro (falling into unconsciousness), an outro (back to the real world), a middle point of total unconsciousness, and some other in-between steps.
After 6 months of composing there were 8 songs which are the ones that you will see. One can divide the work in two groups of 4 songs, the first "falling" and the second "rising". The man loses conscience (opalescence), falls deep in his dream (skyfall), and a lot of images rush through his dreaming closed eyes rapidly (one year timelapse). He starts to feel lost in an unknown place (dystopia), but then a memory saves him (november) and he reaches the deepest hole of his mind (32870 feet) in a state of mind comfort. He starts coming back to consciousness, dreaming of repairing the engine of his platform, during the rem phase (V8 maintenance) which increases anxiety until he finally wakes up at dawn, on this platform, staring at the light reverb of the sky and the rising sun (iridescence).


released July 1, 2016
Music: Matteo Schiavinato (me)
Mixing: Eric Guizzo
Mastering: Marco Viglino


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