[House Music] Heqtor - We call love
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[House Music] Heqtor - We call love

I made a new Soundcloud account recently to upload more "housey" music instead of the funky stuff.

I got someone to sing for me and made a cover of Art Departments "We call love". It's the first time I did something in the more Deep-House genre.

Let me know what you think, sometimes the vocals feel dissonant.


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Rate this track - [House Music] Heqtor - We call love.
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Re: [House Music] Heqtor - We call love

Tl;dr: Quite well done! The first appearance of the beat at 0:39 and the synth at 1:29 are my favorite bits. It's uneven tho, some parts have clearly had much more love than others and some specific sounds are of worse quality than others.

Ok, so at 0:56 that little synth comes on in the background, I would make that into an even pattern (Or that is to say it currently goes 1234-12-1-12Long34-12) because it's currently a little hard to swing back and forth to, which is usually the result of such a background pattern (To add a bit more rhythm to keep the dancers dancing and entice the others).

When the beat comes in at 0:39 it's fantastic, but the cheaper synths later like the flat sounding one at 0:56 (Also, the ring shifter or whatever panning it around is actually causing it to be somewhat uneven) and the bit cheesy sinker at 1:13 really tire out the track. You see, contrast it with the lush and full synth at 1:29 and it becomes clear that some synths have received far more love than others.

I think the shaker starting at 1:45 should be replaced with another.

The "Ah"s that start at 3:13 should be off beat from the synth notes/drums/etc as it's hard to distinguish them from all the other sounds happening on that note space. Try this with Xs being the Ahs (1/32):

Like snares would go in a reggaeton song. Versitle pattern and nothing else hits on those spots so should come through clearer.


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