Can anyone help me find a song?
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Icon5 Can anyone help me find a song?

So yeah, i wanted to apologize in case if this in the wrong place, since this is a bit music related it might be wrong, but since i am trying to find a song i didn't find a part of the forum that really dealt with these kinds of topics (if that's the case, i would be more than happy to move it there.) but there's this one song that's been on my mind for years now and i am pretty...well, desperate to find out since it was a really good song that i enjoyed.

So, ill start off with what i remember. the song's name was Party With You, and it wasn't a song that had a lot of lyrics, it had a bit, but other than that, it was basically i want to party with you,, you freakin me out and possibly at the end, here we go.
I do remember the lyrics above being repeated a few times throught the song, and it was a really upbeat kind of track, i have a similar thing that might help, here's the link, it was a guy singing it, and it didn't have a dj or songwriter/singer, and the only other bit i remember about it was its full title, which i do believe was Techno Trance - arty With You

i cant exactly post the link, but the title of the video is this, Trance & Techno - Party Weekend <-when i mean upbeat, i kinda mean like this, but if you guys have any songs that you might think can help me i can give them a listen and see if that helps jog my memory at all.

So yeah, that's about it, and also I've noticed that sometimes the thread posts can occasionally break and the op will end up randomly at the top and other posts can go screwy, you guys noticed this at all?


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