Defining your Artist Purpose Statement
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Defining your Artist Purpose Statement

This may seem strange to most of you, but defining and writing down my Artist Purpose Statement and reading it frequently was something that helped me transform my life and enabled me to cross over from the land of frustration, procrastination and excuses into the land of achieving things and being joyful.

Here’s how to define your Artist Purpose Statement and put it to good use in 3 steps:

1) Make a list of the talents you have, the artist work that you do and the general impact it could have on your life or the world, or said differently, what’s the outcome your hoping to achieve. For example:

a. Talents: writing songs, playing the guitar
b. Artist work: albums, live performances
c. Impact/outcome: Connect with people, share human emotions

2) Now craft a purpose statement using the three sets of elements from above into a sentence that is 10-25 words long, starting with “My purpose is…”. Write it and rewrite it until it makes you feel inspired and proud about your purpose; there’s no right and wrong but it must resonate deeply with who you are. Beware that the outcome or impact you’re expecting shouldn’t be something that’s vain or selfish, such as “…so that I become the most famous” or “so I become the richest artist in…”.

Here’s a good example of an Artist Purpose Statement using what we’ve been working on:
• My purpose is to write songs on my guitar and perform them live to connect with people and share raw human emotions that we all feel.

3) Print out your Artist Purpose Statement or write it down on a note card. Read it first thing after you wake up and last thing before going to bed. You can post it on your bathroom mirror and other places around your house. It is mainly for your personal use so you don’t necessarily have to share it with anyone but feel free to do so with people close to you such as family and/or significant others.

I admit that just having your Artist Purpose Statement written down isn’t going to change your life on its own. You need to live it and use it from that point on as a guiding light when making decisions that may impact your artist life. It will help keep you on track. Also as you do your artist work, you’ll very easily connect how the actions you are doing directly impact and contribute to your purpose, which will make you more joyful.


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Re: Defining your Artist Purpose Statement


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