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Originally Posted by brodel34 View Post
So now reposting a soundcloud track stealing another artists commercial work? lol out?

UR an idiot. if the person says i can't use their photos... u think i still do? what would be the point of asking?
Riiiiiight.... You've already admitted that you create fake accounts in order to deceive people into the perception that you have a larger, more established following that you actually do. And somehow you have the due diligence to clear intellectual property rights... Riiiiiight.

Originally Posted by brodel34 View Post
its not even really that deceptive. its not like i'm adding fake followers to my main account. ohhhhhhhh i'm running a couple promo accounts. big deal. stay broke making "music" guys.
Yeah it is, and yeah you are. And no, you've never been able to make rent off of your music before.

It's like you're so used to spouting bullshit that you can't even tell the truth anymore man. Your moral compass is completely out of whack. What's worse is that you don't think that the process you're describing here is really deceptive:

I have two accounts that I use strictly for promo. They are not branded or associated in any way to my main account. Both of these accounts follow the popular users from the list. I repost the popular tracks from the list on each of these accounts… each account with different tracks so they don't look the same. I try to find the absolute best avatar and header that i can possibly find for these. Look at popular photographers on instagram or photos on tumblr for help with this. I dump a few thousand fake followers on each of these promo accounts (the site that i use to pad my social media stats is because i believe that they are the safest)... i'll tell you why i do this in a second. So both of these promo accounts now have a very nice avatar/header and nothing but the most popular music on their timeline.
Really? I mean obviously the thread's closed now so you can't reply. But I would have loved to know what is the average response from popular photographers when you email them saying "Hey buddy, I'm setting up a fake Soundcloud account so I can dupe people into following me, can I use your photos?" I would love to read those emails because just about every photographer I know would be over the moon to have their work used for free in a scam job like this. Over the fucking moon... :killme: :killme: :kill:

Originally Posted by brodel34 View Post
these dudes are so worried about being ethical and tip toeing the line of being perfect angels and their music standing for something.... meanwhile nobody listens or cares what they stand for. i guarantee you the dudes in here worried about breaking non existent laws are the same dudes who don't make a dime off of their "music".
Dude if you're already making bank off of your music why the fuck have you only just joined up here? That's absolute rubbish. Honestly, I suspect if this thread had gone better for you, we'd have heard more about than we did. But now we'll never know.

I also notice that as someone who is apparently all about the music, you've made every effort not to link to your music or identify yourself clearly. I have to say, that's disturbing. You are a member of the 0.00000000001% of all about the music people who sign up here and don't immediately start looking for ways to link their music. Do you think you'd be more effective followersgrow if they also gave you some fake music to go with your fake story?

As for being an angel, I can guarantee you I'm going to hell way before you for the things I've done. But the difference is, when I get there I won't have a bunch of cunts waiting for me because I wasn't a cunt like you.

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