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James Pingel Mastering Services

I've been thinking about getting a website up and running to offer mastering services since doing the mastering for IDMf 048 (which you should check out if you haven't already as it's my entire mastering portfolio that isn't my own music). I'd like to start offering my services here as an unforeseen issue in paperwork is going to delay the launch of my website for a few months. Below is the blurb that you would see on my website if I had it up right now. You guys being forum members, I'd be happy to negotiate on pricing with you within reason. Please do not PM me about this as I have more regular access to email than I do to the forum's PM system. Read on and thanks for considering me for your mastering needs.

After mastering my own music for a few years, I decided to offer my services to others to see if some of the tricks I had learned would carry across onto other artist's music. And happy day they did!

I know how to get competitively loud, well balanced, dynamic, clean masters put together for most electronic music. I can do singles, EPs, or albums, for single artists or for collections of work. I offer fast turnaround time and two free revisions for every job.

1. Before payment, a sample section of a streaming quality mp3 for approval.

2. Upon payment, a link to a google drive folder which will contain your song(s) in 24-bit WAV for archival purposes, 320 kbps mp3 optimized for streaming, and any additional formats you request, all with correct tagging. Unless otherwise requested, I will aim for the loudness levels preferred by major streaming services.

3. A no presets guarantee. While some services out there in this price range might just slap a preset on your track that most closely matches the genre and call it a day, I will use the mastering chain I've developed for use on my own work. None of my mastering chain is based on presets, I will be using my ears and intuition to determine what your track needs to sound it's best from start to finish.

Pricing is as follows:
1-3 tracks $10 per track. This should cover most singles or short EPs.
4-7 tracks $8 per track. This should cover longer EPs.
For larger projects, such as full albums or compilations, get in touch with me for a quote at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]

The process begins with you sending me an email at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]

Please include:
-the files or access to the files you would like mastered (dropbox, google drive, downloadable soundcloud links, etc). Please send the fullest quality you can, and leave 6 db (or more) of headroom for mastering. Sample rates above 44.1 khz will be downsampled to 44.1 khz during mastering, so I do not recommend sending them. I do, however, recommend sending the highest bit-depth file you can. 24 or 32 bit files allow me to deliver you a higher quality file.
-any reference tracks, tracks you would like your finished master to sound like. Include up to 5. Youtube or Soundcloud links are preferrable, but I will check anything that I do not have to sign up for or download to access.
-clearly label all your files with your artist name, track name, and release name in that order, as I will use that information to tag the file for you.
-any additional details, such as other group members to send files to or a deadline for finished files

I will review the files, reply to your email, and tell you when to expect a first version for review. This may take a few days, but if you do not hear from me within 5 days, try again as something is likely wrong at that point. I will then send you the first version to check. At this point, there are two options:

-If you like it, I will give you my paypal information and send you a link to the full quality files, as outlined previously, once payment is received.
-If you are not happy with the results, tell me why and I'll give it another shot.

At that point, I send you the first revision, and we go through the same steps as the first version. If you're still not happy (and still willing to work with me), I'll give it one more try. If, after the second revision, you are still unhappy, I will offer further revisions for $1 apiece up front, per song. If, at any time before delivery of the final files, you want to walk away, you can do that and owe me nothing, though I will not refund you for any revision fees.

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