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Non-IDMf Projects Tell us about your Non-IDMf music-based projects here. You can promote you or your label's releases, remix contests, music blogs, podcasts, radio shows and live events here. Try to add more than just spam. This is a place to involve IDMf in your projects, not just promote them.

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Icon4 Please read before posting in this section

Welcome to the Non-IDMf Projects section of IDMf. Here are a few rules and guidelines to make clear what this section is for and how to use it.

What itís for:
The Non-IDMf Projects section is here to promote those projects, ideas, releases which are not a part of the IDMf community, or which are run separate from IDMf. Many of you have projects, label releases, parties and collaborative events which could benefit from the exposure and involvement of the IDMf community - so this is the place to post.

(For IDMf-specific projects - please see the Community Projects section.)

The content in this section should be relevant to the community - weíre not looking to see people posting threads about cooking websites or fishing tips. This is a music community - so please keep the threads relevant. If thereís any uncertainty about the thread youíd like to start - please get in touch with a mod/admin with your idea and weíll get back to you.

Everyone is free to participate in any of the threads in this section, however - to start a thread there are a few requirements...

Requirements for starting a thread:
1.) All tagged (supporter, artist, veteran etc.) members can start threads in this section
2.) If you donít have a tag and would like to start a thread for promotional purposes - please consider getting a Supporters tag.
3.) If you donít have a tag and are unable to make a donation for the Supporters tag, please get in touch with a mod/admin with your idea. Please note that this will only be considered for people with a 500+ post count or 2 year+ membership.

As mentioned earlier - please keep it relevant, and as with the rest of the forum - please keep it spam free & please donít bump your own threads with one-word replies.

IDMf reserves the right to revoke your posting rights in this area should your content be deemed unsuitable or irrelevant to the forum. Should you have contributed toward a Supporter tag, your money will be refunded. By starting threads in this section you agree to these rules & guidelines, and also to the rules & guidelines of the rest of IDMf.


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