[Progressive House] New Hope
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Angels of Debauchery
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[Progressive House] New Hope

I posted this song a while ago but I've overhauled the second part to the song and completely took parts as well. I just would love to hear what everyone thinks of it. Be as honest and brutal as you want. I like criticism


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Rate this track - [Progressive House] New Hope.
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Re: [Progressive House] New Hope

howdy Austin mate!

the intro drums: the kick sounds like it needs some hi-end frequencies.
the synths that come in after the drums: i suggest you make them louder, i can barley hear them, but it might be my hearing
i like the first drop, but as you can see in the second breakdown, the wave is extremely big, maybe turn down the bass... less bass, in this case, would make it sound so much better

the second drop is alright, but too crazy for me.

also, i would put this under the genre EDM, not progressive house

oh also, on the second drop, i can't really hear/feel the kick, MOAR SIDECHAIN


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Re: [Progressive House] New Hope

Qianta gave some great advice.

Overall, the kick needs some high end snap to it. It sounds muffled as if there is a low pass filter on it.

I really like the synth that you have in the first break down after the intro, however, as Qianta said, they need to be more prominent. That's the music and melody. It sounds great, just needs to be louder, balanced better to give more momentum. The melody you have is great, just bring it out more.

Continuing into the build up, I still don't hear the synths loud enough to get excited about where the music is going. Try panning and spreading your beginning synths a bit more so it feels larger.

Hopefully that helps you out a bit!

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Carne Asada
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Re: [Progressive House] New Hope

Here are few things I noticed. Could not hear the kick in the drop. Quite a bit of white noise in the drop made it kinda muddy. Both of these problems can be solved using sidechaining. I would also suggest using a compressor on the synths during the build. Now that I think of you might try sidechaining the piano (the clean one) to the synths (ever so slightly) to make it stand out a bit more... good stuff otherwise. I also agree with Q about the genre:mayonesa:

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Stephen Flores
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Re: [Progressive House] New Hope

Just remember: The beat is very important in any dance track. Listen to some of the very successful tracks out there and they will have a dancable beat.


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