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Trippy Dark Downtempo recs

Hi. So, I've been on the lookout for a specific kind of sound over the past few years, but regrettably I've had little results with my quest. Basically I love stuff like Massive Attack or Portishead, the good old trip hop, but I'm not really into hip hop so to speak. I love the darker shades of the beats but I'm not that much into the rhythmic vocal style, so most recommendations I followed before had me going after something I wasn't really going to enjoy. So, if there are any trip hop or dark downtempo acts that sound remotely similar, or close in style, to Mezzanine/100th Window or the first two Portishead albums then I'm game. Just don't recommend stuff with glitch elements, I really dislike glitch.

Following that request, I'm also on the lookout for dark moody downtempo that doesn't go too much into dream pop, although it can have some influences of that, so to speak. Yes it can have a shade or two of dream pop, but lets' not make it the bulk of it. It's like with dark ambient; I don't like it when the music is comprised mostly by it, but when it's part of a bigger picture then it can serve its purpose perfectly.

Also, I don't mind crossover acts that mix all of the above. In fact I would really like to hear more stuff like the first Subheim album. I just love the way it mixes a dreamy cinematic atmosphere with groovey beats and ambient parts. I'm not very fond of the sophomore because it has too much Dead Can Dance influences and vocal parts. Another example of what I'd like to be recommended would be urban sounding stuff like Eraldo Bernocchi's collaboration album with Blackfilm. Those massive groovey beats are just amazing.

I'm a bit of nut for dynamics too, so I mostly prefer albums that showcase a big variety within their playing time, more so than albums which tend to be kind of the same song repeated x times (or constantly grinding the same dynamics). I like repetitive stuff, but in this request I'd prefer more emphasis on dynamics.

I think that's about it. I'll try my best to keep up with what'll be recommended and give my honest feedback to improve the conversation.


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