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Beat Battle 31 [Do or Die]


The Battle Host must provide a sample set to be used for the battle. These samples are the only sound sources allowed, unless the Additional Rules for the battle state otherwise. The samples can be anything that the Battle Host has the right to distribute for non-commercial use.

The Battle Host must create three Additional Rules. These can allow or require additional sound sources, or impose any kind of new requirements.


Anyone can enter the Battle by posting a link to their entry in the Battle thread. Unless the Additional Rules state otherwise, any processing is allowed and the source samples need not be recognizable. The Host may disqualify any entry that does not meet either the general rules or the additional ones.

Once the submission deadline is reached, the winner is elected by posting votes in the same thread. Anyone is welcome to vote whether they participated or not. In case of a draw, the Host designates the winner between the submissions tied for first place.


Each battle takes place over two weeks, starting on a Friday. Submissions close and votes open at 23:59 on the 11th day (Tuesday). Voting closes at 23:59 on the 13th day (Thursday). The winner then becomes the Host, and has until 23:59 on the 14th day (Friday) to post a new thread with a new sample set and new rules.

All times are UTC."


Additional Rules:

1. Samples supplied use what you want, I want to here cut ups, glitchs, scratches, slowdowns....this is old skool style using modern technologies. Try and make it sound vinyltastic.
2. Track needs to have a major change or break down at some point and build back up again.
3. Tempo between 90 - 122BPM, bonus points for tempo change.

Deadline for submission Midnight Tuesday 3rd May.
Voting starts Wednesday 4th May ends Thursday Midnight 5th May (Anyone can vote regardless if contender or lurker).
Winner subs new contest Friday 5th May.

Please don't disappoint and get on board...doesn't matter how shit YOU think it is or unfinished, just get your shit together

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