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Re: AAS Synth Sound Packs: Simply Recreate?

Originally Posted by Bluesh1ft View Post
Do the sound designers that make patches for synth companies, do they have any special tools or are they simply using what everyone else uses? I am wondering also if there is a way to share patches ( not the commercial ones) in the same way like other synth communities share? Anybody have experience with this company?

Not really sure what you're asking does AAS tally in with the questions you asked before you're last one?

a) Just like the rest of us, no two sound designers are alike..and each uses god only knows what to make the sounds they make. Some more than likely use some of the same things we do, while others certainly use things we don't have or can't afford..or wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

b) You'll have to take that up with Admin, I sending them a PM or making a post here in the "Suggestions & Feedback" section of the forum. Just making a post asking others doesn't really work, without it being made sticky or a new section created for it, as such a post would just slip down into the IDMf quagmire of threads and other posts that are made daily on here, never to be seen again.

c) Yes..I have a a good few of their sound sets and a couple of their programs. Tbh, the interfaces of the latter are a bit dated looking, but they are really solid programs worth the price, if you know how to use a synth, that is.

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