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Re: Damn Smartmedia cards.

You answered your own question there - the SP202 uses itís own format for SmartMedia cards. The only purpose of the card is to allow 2 extra sample banks C & D, which you can swap out and load back in. The operating system on a PC doesnít understand that format and wonít recognise the contents.

This is a long shot but Boss BR units also used SmartMedia and came with a nifty utility called BR Wav Converter. It lets you read the contents of a SmartMedia card formatted by one of those units. I can't post links but google 'br wav converter v3.1' and you will get there. Of course it may not work.. It was designed for the BR series and might not recognize the SP202 file format, since that was an earlier design.

It converts audio files from the BR into standard .wav files (or .aiff) and vice versa, so it can take 44.1kHz samples from a DAW and convert them to something the BR will read.

Hope that helps.
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