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Re: Darkcore appreciation

Originally Posted by ms_ View Post
Man, honestly. I think there posts are unnecessary. I get that you're trying to promote your blog but its entries feel like a basic post in a forum: a couple of links, a short comment about them. It's not the way to go. You need to provide something by yourself, a blog with an idea is fine enough but you need to realize that people from interwebs aren't stupid, they can just google shit and find these links by themselves. This is the reason why your blog is irrelevant. Own material, that's what brings that value. Keep this in mind. I'm just giving my honest opinion, no feels on that.

I'd honestly love to check out your blog (OP) if I see that you're making some tutorials, even if you have the shittiest mic in the world, or even a really thick accent or something. I personally want to see your content, and that's why I don't check out your blogspam; but I would if you were at least making the stuff behind it.

Yes, you can google it. That's what you did, and that's what you're posting. I can find this shit on my own if I really wanted to.

Look at the tutorials section here; it's amazing. People are actually putting in the time to point out some awesome tips. The same thing goes for people posting DJ mixes in the LB, but I digress. Make your own shit and people will give a shit.
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