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PC acting strange

First off, I'm running a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system that was built specifically to be a studio workstation .

It's got an Intel i7 3770 CPU running at 3.40 GHz..32 GBs of RAM and a multi (4 ) drives, with two monitors/screens (..the one desktop spread across both of them).

I have it now for a few years with only a few minor little issues during that time, which I've been able to sort out myself or with the help of one of you gifted bright sods on here.

Now, over the best part of the last two weeks, I noticed something strange. It started with my mouse buttons doing weird shit..basically clicking the left button would cause the right button actions to happen. I'd ran into something like this in the past and applied the standard fix for it..or so I thought.

Shit has now escalated to where whenever I boot up my system the task bar never pops up and remains hidden. Also, while this is happening, anything I open over on the left screen freezes or elements of it stop working..such as knobs / buttons / faders in VSTs.

I discovered purely by accident that if I press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then open Task Manager from the onscreen menu, task manager opens on the right screen and is the active window. Then when I move the mouse back over to left screen and click on the frozen window / program, it works nearly perfectly. In some cases I need to close a VST and open it again in order to use turn the next knob I want to use.

Also I've been having an on-going problem with NI's Kontatk, where it keeps giving me a crash message, yet it remains running without any obvious side effects following the message I just mentioned.

I contacted NI support about this and we exchanged polite messages back and forth, but it basically resulted in them telling to stop using all registry cleaning software and third party uninstallers, as they can sometimes remove files NI products need to run.

Now I'm very careful when it comes to using programs like those and they're there for a reason..mainly to remove shite installed or left behind by less than tidy / honest programs. It's not like I don't know how to use them or am totally green in that area..I mean I habitually check EVERY THING before it is deleted or removed. Besides, I hadn't used any of the programs they mentioned before this all started to happen.

Since then I've tried everything I can think of..I've run various scanners, online programs and pre-boot loaders to find if anything is hiding on my system..nothing..100% clean.

I've checked my drivers and updated any that needed to be updated..including those from NI..still the same.

I've checked the system's drive in case it was starting to fail or something like's working fine by all accounts.

I've searched online and can't find anything that remotely comes close to this issue..nothing.

Basically, this is a last-ditch attempt at seeking help / advice before I jump into a complete system format and reinstall of everything..something I'm not looking forward to having to do.

For the record, I'm not saying all the issues I've mentioned are related, but it really appears that way to me, even though I can't seem to find any cause. If anyone reading this has any idea what the fuck is wrong my system, I'd really love to hear what you have to say.

Just to be clear, before anyone brings it didn't install anything recently that might have caused a system was working fine one day and acting like this the next.

Anyway..if you've read this far, then you already have my gratitude, but here's hoping somebody can shine a light on this problem I just can't seem to solve.


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