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Re: **OUT NOW** IDMf044 Nyul - When the Path Fades

Originally Posted by RFJ View Post
What is the primary thing that you feel you're trying to communicate to the listener via these tracks?
Well this EP is made for me in the first place, so nothing actually.
I never thought about communicating certain concepts, for me it was just about making the music that I wanted to make. About expressing my own emotions for myself.
There are a lot of concepts and feelings attached to the music for me, each track has its own set of thoughts I link with them. So the release contains a concept, but only for me. It is not my intention to share that specific concept with my listeners.

Instead, all I want is to share this music, which contains a certain flow of emotions. What these emotions mean, how they fit together is something the listener should define for themselves.
It's basically a blank slate on which the listener can write his own story.

So if someone sends me that they liked my EP because it made them feel a certain way, then that's cool, that's all I want.

Originally Posted by RFJ View Post
Do you have a favorite?
Hmm, not really, I like every track. They all mean a lot to me in their own specific way, every track has had their own window in time in which I solely focused on it. I work on a track until I like every aspect of it, until I don't want to change anything anymore. So every track is a kind of 'me'.
I also prefer to listen to them all after each other, they are one tight collection in my mind. The end of one track naturally feels like the beginning of the next one.

I have a couple of specific moments that I really like how they turned out though, like the de-tuning delays in TINEHFEITW (that tracktitle is way too long to write out every time ).
I was really getting into the Simple delay effect of Live: it's great to add a wide delay, but it's even more fun to mess with really short delay times.
The squeaky pads that fade-in at 05.03 are affected by a very short delay (~20ms I think) with high feedback, creating very weird alternating noises. I just love how they sound so irregular.
The harsh distorted sound you hear when the track fades out is created by putting two simple delays in series after each other, both with short delay times (~80ms) and very high feedback (~90%). The sounds that came out of that thing were incredible and totally unexpected

There are a lot of small things that I really like how they turned out, like in Water at 03.57 that high sound that 'flies by'. A lot of little details were happy accidents that I refined a bit and I just love focusing on them every time, they are all little imperfections I've grown completely familiar with.

Originally Posted by RFJ View Post
Thanks Nyul, I love the insight. Your work becoming your own soundtrack is something I can very much identify with. After reading all that I do have one more question about the studio space you rented for the mixdown...

No need to rush me an answer, just whenever you have the time.
I'll answer the studio/workflow questions later/tomorrow. I uploaded some screenshots in the 'post your screen'-thread though, might be interesting

These questions are great btw, thank you! I hope I can give some useful answers

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