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Re: Need dirty/unique vsti suggestions

Originally Posted by liquid_air View Post
And it’s also an addictive money pit.
Well... I mean sure having a huge wall of modules... is one thing.

But be it in a software or hardware modular environment, I find the mental processes, the inner language you develop when intellectualizing what you want to hear and then patch things around is the saaaame. The interfacing is different. That's it, though. I did play for countless hours with the three cases that my once neighbors had. I always loved reaktor but I wanted something a bit more immediate so I was sent a nord modular by god himself (but that's another story). I never seriously gassed for a eurorack case since. Worst it got was when the 0-coast came out. Which I would still very much like to get one day.

The liberty of loading any set of modules is just soo... awesome. And since getting the touchscreen... it's an order of magnitude awesomer.

I'm a bit frustrated with VCV Rack because the knobs don't respond well to touchscreens and it's the only reason why I'm still eyeing Softube's package. Argh. Though a new version came out. Need to check that.

SO yeah be it Reaktor, VCV, Solorack, Softube's Modular, Oscillot, the Nord, the Nord G2 demo (arguably the most powerful freeware synth available, absolute ninja of a sampler fodder generator, sounds in-cre-di-ble)... you invariably get that "liberty", that flexibility. In fact, depending on what kind of of sounds you fantasize about, a digital environment might be the only possible solution.
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