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Re: What is IDM today?

Originally Posted by Parricide View Post
IDM means nothing to me. genres in general mean nothing to me. i just love making and listening to music, i dont really think about what genre it happens to be labelled as.

the reason i love this place has nothing to do with IDM either. one of the great things about this place is that it covers far more than just IDM, half the members here dont even make IDM, but its ok and its accepted. it doesnt even matter what genres or styles you make, we are all in to the same thing, music.

i didnt really answer your question, but there is my input

It's very true ! But I think there are genres. What people should do is to just stop letting themselves trapped in genres they like and ignore those they don't like.

IDM was an experimental electronic music genre, using non-musical noises serving musical purposes. Nowadays, more and more producers has this genre as a reference. It's like their Mozart or something. So everyone does a bit of IDM when producing. We all try to include some clever production ideas into our projects so there is no IDM anymore because it's in all of us now LOL DEEP THOUGHTS
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