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Re: Teenage engineering OP-1

Originally Posted by Grain Bastard View Post
That is exactly how I mainly use mine. I also make beats on the OP-1 and just use the iPad as a synth and jam over the beat, resample, cut it up, resequence etc. I also use an X-mini2 speaker as a monitor as the OP-1 speaker is terrible. You just activate the input on one of the tape tracks and the line audio comes thru, controlled by the OP-1 mixer but I'm not sure if the latest update allows you to route it thru the onboard effects but you can record whatever you hear and effect that.

The last track I posted to my soundcloud was all OP-1 but only sampled from whatever was on the radio at the time - I then drop the 4 waves files from the OP-1 tape machine into cubase for eq & compression. (link in my sig if you want to listen)

Not really sure about the 'toy' comments either - I think a lot of that comes from the fact that its small. Ipads get the same treatment. The large majority of the demo videos on the net seem to be chiptune style which also doesn't help but the synths are digital and lend themselves to that style. The synths aren't analog emulations, so the sampler is the only real option for those which obviously comes with limitations - having the ipad too definitely fills sonic gaps (with some suitable apps of course) but as Daniel said, its never going to be the only synth you ever need - I probably could use it to do a rather limited job of 'everything' and make a whole track with it but arranging and mixing on even the most basic of DAW's would be so much easier, so why bother - I'm guessing its a moot point as most people who have the cash for an OP-1 is probably not just starting out or looking to replace their existing setup but rather add to it. If you have no gear whatsoever and 670 to spend for fucks sake buy a pc first!!! 300 laptop, 150 interface, Reaper and all the free vsts the net has to offer has surely got to be the biggest 'racket-per-paypacket' ratio for electronic music. If you are away from your DAW you can imo use the OP-1 to create really usable material for use later when you are in the studio.

An Ipad is imo way more capable than the OP-1 - more synths, better audio sequencers, more memory etc which makes it all the more strange that I have both and use the OP-1 more for music. I honestly don't know why because I'm normally quite a rational person and will always go and get a bigger hammer if the job needs it, yet I just love seeing what I can get out of the OP-1. Its made its way onto every track I've made since I got it too, so I'm happy with the purchase. Definitely not for everyone but I think if you're thinking about one (like I was), you will end up liking it - buying one from recommendations might not be such a good idea

It's a Marmite synth
Excellent post. I've owned lots of gear over the years, synths, samplers, drummachines etc. As well as cubase and shitloads of VSTs. Then, some years ago, I spent less and less time making music, and ultimately sold all my hardware.

Last fall, however, I bought an Ipad and was surprised to find that there existed a lot of great quality music apps. That reignited my passion for making music. I was able to be much more productive with just my ipad than I had been with my hardware + cubase setup. Working within a limitations suits me. Instead of spending hours tweaking insignificant details, I end up focusing on the bigger picture. Music is fun again, just like when I started out on Impulse Tracker some 13 years ago. Considering this mindset, I imagine the OP-1 will be a perfect fit.

I checked out your soundcloud, digging the old school vibe on your OP-1 track, very creative. Would be interested in hearing more if you got any.
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