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GunPony Remix project (will be submitted to the IDMf netlabel)

UPDATE: The deadline has been moved to sometime in June.

After a couple months of wanting to do this, I saw that the boys over in a different thread were a bit mubbed (supposed to be bummed, but I like mubbed better) about the netlabel not getting as many submissions by longtime members as it did in the past, so that gave me the motivation to spend the time to get these remix files together.

It's pretty straight forward. Remix the tracks from my album GunPony, and if the whole thing is good enough, I'll send 'em over to the netlabel for consideration.


1. Send me the tracks as UNMASTERED wav files with at least -3db of headroom through PM. You can just send me a dropbox file or mediafire link or anything. No need to deal with private soundcloud sharing and all that biz.

2. Label your track "Track Name - Artist Name remix."

3. Don't put any copyrighted stuff in your tune.

4. Don't ask me if it's okay if you can turn whatever track you pick into whatever style you want to make it. I'm always surprised by how people seem self-conscious about changing a track too much. IT'S A FUCKIN' REMIX, PEOPLE!! ROCK THAT SHIT OUT!!!!

5. I don't care if you've been here 10 years or 10 days. The more people, the better! (that's not really a rule, is it?)

6. Don't use my stems for your own projects or I will be extremely sad. I know they're freakin' AMAZING, but try to control yourself.

The Deadline is sometime in June .

^That's SO much time. You could have, like, five babies in that time, so I don't wanna hear no excuses!

Here's the album. Every song but Cute Overlord is available. Cute Overlord has already been remixed and released on the netlabel, and the version that's on this album is ANOTHER remix by me, so that would be a remix of a remix, and I'm fuckin' sick of hearin' remixes of that song.

Here are the files for each track. I've included both midi and stems. Each folder contains the bpm in its name. Sometimes there's a lot more stems than midis, and that's because a lot of the midis were just the same thing an octave higher or lower or whatever. I've removed all effects and EQ, but I forgot to center each track for the World 1 stuff, so just convert a stem to mono if it's KILLIN' you (which it won't).

Let me know if something is screwed up in some way. All midi and stems should be able to lay on top of each other just as they do in the song (in theory).

You can do as many as you like.

Title Screen - Perfect Little Hero OOPS. Looks like I forgot to put the bpm in the file name. This song is 155bpm.

Stage 1-1 - Pony on the Move

Stage 1-2 - Cinnamon Leaves

Stage 1-3 - Pony Power

Stage 2-1 - The Goof

Stage 2-2 - No Regrets so Let's do This

Stage 2-3 - A Pony Named Mary

Stage 3-1 - Action no Kamisama

Stage 3-2 - Haisai Ponysan!

Stage 4-1 - Enter! The Factory!

Stage 4-2 - March of the Automata

Stage 4-3 - Wretched Wreckage

Final Boss - Battle for Ponytopia

End Credits - Saga of the GunPony

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