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Re: Recording LIve: Confused.

Originally Posted by Bluesh1ft View Post
Most of my process is penciling in midi. I do some live recordings but it always feels clunky and messy. I am classically trained but whenever I try recording it doesn't quite line up the way i want it too. It seems out of rhythm. Then I go back and fix any mistakes I've made and then I now have to worry about making it too lifeless with the corrections. Part of my problem is that there is enough delay when I hit a key stroke on the midi controller I can "feel" the delay. It's throwing off my rhythm. My mind thinks about the vibration or the sensation of hitting the keystroke physically and the delay of hearing the sound. I've tried reducing the buffer, it doesn't seem to help. So on one hand the delay between physical hit and a sound being produced is throwing off my rythm. and on the other hand I worry about over correcting and timing when i start to pencil. It makes me wonder if my process is wrong in some way. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I am on win 7 64-bit i7 first gen 8gb ram
Using a scarlet 2i4 the midi keyboard is attached to the midi input in the back of the scarlet interface.
Dude! Your are so correct! with modern day interfaces, midi controllers and DAWs there is a huge lag! People say it isn't there but i hear it.

Now with midi there will always be a delay. Same with digital recording audio. But there are ways to minify it.

People and companies might tell you all USB midi controllers are created equal, but it's not true. Some pass information better than others and the latency will be reduced. For example I would say avoid M-Audio controllers. I have seen very unstable clocking causing dropouts and worse latency. Might want to take a trip to the store and try a few out to see which one performs better.

As for latency settings, there are usually settings within your DAW to help with that. Each software is different. I use Ableton Live and there are some neat tricks it does to help with latency. Another thing to do is to set the sample rate of the session low to say 24bit 44.1kHz when recording midi. There will be less workload on your computer this way. Then when it't time to record actual audio you can bump it up to 96kH 24bit for better sound quality.

Finally, the computer components. The number one thing that made my computer faster and more reliable was a solid state (SSD) boot drive. Most of the internet talks about processor power and Ram, which are both important, but i saw a huge improvement to speed and stability the first time i added a SSD for my boot drive. Way more than i ever did with the other upgrades.
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