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Re: Product Demos Using Talented Keyboardists: Deceptive?

Originally Posted by Bluesh1ft View Post
It Sorta Irks me all the Demos for synths and sample libraries out there that use an accomplished keyboardist to Demo the capabilities. They always play some intricate piece that sounds a lot like preset songs on a yamaha keyboard. Little Jazzy, a lot of the stuff they play would be suitable in a Jazzy Poetry night club or a bar. That sorta sound from 20 years or even further back. But then you go to the song DEMOS of some of these products and NOT A SINGLE one sounds like it has commercial quality. Well... maybe like some infomercials maybe but not cinematic/epic/big/ sounds that can be found in movies, electronic music, etc. Basically their musical ability, I believe, is masking the lower quality of the product. Am I way off here? What do you think?
While I totally agree with what the rest of the guys have posted here, I also get what you mean..I think.

I've watched demos in the past for preset packs and samples and they have sounded out of this world, but when I've gone to use them myself, they've sounded flat and dead compared to how they sounded in the demo. My take on this is the reason for this is not the presets or samples directly, but how you, as an artist, use them after the fact.

Those sounds you heard in the demo are the same ones you now think are shit..the only difference is how you've processed them on your end of things. The sounds have, in most cases, been recorded as clearly and as uncolored as possible, meaning it's up to you to add FX and filters to them to make them come to life in your mix. In other words, it's more about your mixing skills than it is about the sounds themselves. Think of them are a starting ingredient in the mix ( pun intended) that you need to add and you are supposed to know how much you need to add. I've bought sounds in the past for use with NI's Kontakt and they sounded nothing like they did in the demo, but when I edited them, man did they shine!

That's not to say you don't get complete crap sounds out do, but you can usually tell they're crap up front, as they'll sound "off" or "sub-par" in the demo to begin with. I don't know if that makes any kind of sense to you, but that's my experiences when it comes to this topic.

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