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Re: [FAWM] TL072 FAWN track(s?)

First off..sorry for being so late to party on this..don't know how the hell I missed your posts here in this section. Anyway, found em now..and I'm glad I did.

Track 1: Like has been said already..this has a great club feel to it..not too retro and not too modern..just right balance-wise. Nice chilled vibe from it, too.

Track 2: Really liked this track. Reminds me a lot of "Zoolookologie" by Jean Michel Jarre..mainly due to the way you used the vocals on this. Having said that, it still doesn't feel dated in any way and works really well for me.

Track 3: Nice retro feel off of the early English DnB sounds of the late 80's crossed over with the club music scene of the time..and it works really well I think.

Track 4: One word..SMOOTH..really nice work on this! I can't help but wonder what these tracks would sound like hearing em for the first time if you has the time to work on them some more and not have to bang em out to a deadline, as there are really good as they are. I now some might not be into them too much on here, as they might be a bit too retro sounding..but that's a good thing in my opinion, as you've done a really good job of catching that sound and feel. I don't think this is something you should worry about or try to change too much. If this is how your tracks are turning out without you trying too hard to get that retro sound, then keep at're really good at it and there are MANY people out there who are into this feel and overall vibe.

In short, 4 great tracks that would be even better if you do get the chance to go back over then and take on board some of the suggestions made here by the guys. I hope you get the chance to finish some more before the end of the month and post em up..really looking forward to checking them out.

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