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Re: Octatrack users - collected tutorials and tricks

Originally Posted by FunkMasterBrown View Post
I guess this is the octatrack thread? I'm hoping nobody will mind a rant too much as I have to say I'm really not enjoying the Octatrack at all. hopefully you know something that can help me. I literally did not go to a party tonight (Saturday night) so I could stay in and learn this thing and it just leaves me feeling really low because I (stupidly) rested so much hope on it.

I really don't think its a sampler that's designed for me, and I think I really only could've known that by getting one and finding out for myself.

I constantly find myself not really doing what I want to do with it but what I CAN do with it and its really disappointing. I keep recording in a nice sample, spending the time to put in loads of slices thinking if I just go back to basics maybe I can get some joy from it.

Once i start playing the slices though I just realise its not what I want at all. The slices are all one shots and only ever will be one shots as far as I can tell... which is really reaaallly not very good for how I use a sampler... and to be fair how most people use a sampler?? Being able to let go of the button and the sample stops is standard stuff... how can you achieve any really rhythmic complexity and variety without it unless all the one shots are short like drum sounds?.
Then you realise you cant pitch any of the individual slices (as far as I know) you have to pitch them all together or not at all. Of course you can do it on the sequencer but first you have to record a sequence, then you have to let the sequence play while you very slowly work out what pitch you want for that particular spot. This absolutely kills all chance of finding a good sequence/pattern/loop FIRST and then doing all the octatrack shit to it. How are you meant to know what sounds good if you cant play around?

As far as I'm concerned though I care less about doing the octatrack shit to it and more about being able to find a good loop by experimenting and playing with what ive got. This is how ive always made music and how I believed almost everybody else did. You don't have a midi keyboard and only play one note in several times in a loop then go in to the sequencer with a mouse and painstakingly change stuff up

on top of that there are a load of other things I don't like but could totally deal with as part of the package... if it allowed me to feel like I can actually create on it.

I would really love to not have to get rid of this thing. anybody got any insight into how they start building tracks on this thing? or got any advice or some sort of life line for me?
Sounds like you probably should have gotten an mpc maybe

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