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Re: Ritualistic approach in Dark Ambient

Originally Posted by Vault O))) View Post
I remember the last time I delved into ritual ambient I ended up listening to all sorts of weird neo-nazi stuff by accident. It seems like ritual ambient slowly bleeds into NSBM or something

It's all stupid, IMO. People are bored with their music, so they have to make something either shocking or esoteric out of it to conjure up a cult following
It makes sense that people are willing to do anything to get more fans or even followers. But there is another side to adding ritual elements in dark ambient music. If someone goes into that because it is a part of his everyday life, that is totally difirent story from the one where an artist add something to make his music more ''interesting'' or ''shociking''. It means that he creates for other, not for the sake of art.

About neo-nazi stuff, yes, it is true that there are a lot of projects/bands building their image around nazi occult stuff. That again is not their own creation, it is more a reflexion of the past.
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