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Icon4 How to embed Bandcamp track lists?

Greetings Producers,

This post was obviously needed for this forum because it is frustrating as hell to work for so many hours on a project and not be able to create a simple link to it properly.

My exact code for embedding the Bandcamp album player in case you don't want to play stump the chump for ten minutes. The number (that I show in the image) between the [ BC ] and the [ /BC ] is your album number that you will see in the link Bandcamp generates for you when you select the embed Wordpress option for your album.

I am posting this as there seem to be many ways to do it on different types of message boards and such all over the internet and it is very frustrating when you attempt to share an album you have worked on for months and you run into this problem. Even when I searched this message board, the one thread on this topic did not expose the exact code.

I thought an image would make all the difference.

My exact code (that does not contain any spaces):
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I hope this helps someone.

~Matt Kwid

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