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Re: Question about using Facebook as an artist

Originally Posted by Flexagon View Post
I'm pretty sure the only way to have a FB artist page is to have a personal FB profile first.

AFAIK Facebook rules state that only your real name should be used for a personal profile (not a stage or artist name) though you see people on FB all the time that haven't followed this 'rule'

As for your other question, in general you can't comment on other people's personal profiles or in groups as a page (unless your page has been tagged in a post for some reason) You can however comment on other pages and events. When you DO have the option to comment as a page a drop-down menu appears next to the text entry box that allows you to select whether it's a personal or "page" comment/ like.

Basically FB pages are designed to push information out about that page, rather than do the day to day interaction stuff that users do with personal profiles. Also bear in mind you'll have to gain a lot of followers or make really good posts to get past 'the algorithm'. This massively restricts who will actually see your posts! Google that for more info............................
Thanks so much. Just to clear this up, to join a group and interact, that would be done as my personal profile (with my "real" name) However on pages I can comment as my artist page name? When is it that I get the option to choose?

If I comment on another artists profile, does that count as a page where I can comment as my artist name?

Sorry for sounding like such a newbie to social media, I kinda am!
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