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List of Experimental Record Labels to Submit Demos

Hey all,

I'm closing in on finisihing an album and am looking into finding labels that specialize in ambient/drone/experimental music to submit a demo to. I've run a search on this site, but didn't really find much of what I'm looking for. Ideally, a good list would be nice, but any one-off suggestions would be great too. If I need to, I'll certainly do my own Google research and then post a comprehensive list on here. In fact, I may do just that and incorporate any suggestions folks may have.

If it helps for suggesting labels (since I cannot post links of my music), I have two projects I'm working on. The main project is not really close to finished, but it consists of mangled orchestral/classical samples, granular synth textures, and synth textures made with my Korg MS-20 Mini. The project I have that is pretty much completed, is slowed down recordings of ambient algorithmic tracks from patches I made from scratch or tweaked (not that any of that matters, just being detailed, as I use presets too) with my Novation MiniNova. My collaborator coded (in "C" and runs through the CMD prompt as an .exe) a fairly complex algorithmic MIDI generator using Markov chains and other techniques to create user defined melodies, rhythms, scales, chord progrssions, tempo, key, etc. The result is mathematical music that has a surprisingly expressive quality or atmosphere about it. Anyway, hopefully knowing more about my music will yield more appropriate suggestions.


- ambtconnoisseur

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