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Re: Backups

Originally Posted by LichLord View Post
I have 5 Drives inside of my workstation currently. x1 SSD for OS, x1 SSD for Projects & Samples, x1 SSD For Plugins & Kontakt Libraries, x2 HDD's for Backups. The HDD's are soft-raid in RAID-1 and I do a manual backup to external media once a month which is stored in a lock-down area with other valuables. It's a nice little system but it's still something I have to micromanage and I can make much better.
Yeah, that sounds like a reliable setup. Air gapping the external is pretty key in overcoming stuff like Crypto and other really nasty virus's that take advantage of persistently mounted drives. Short of some fairly complex PS scripting or micromanagement of write permissions I don't really know of a good way to have both constant accessibility and full protection. I guess my only concern would be a system-wide event that took out everything (surge or PSU issue or whatever), but I guess the external takes care of that.

I think with the amount of storage I would require if I was to take an online plan (for all of my critical bits like purchased plugins/libraries/project stem backups etc), it would end up costing me more to do that in the long term like over 2+ years than it would just to store it safely on local hardware I could flexibly use for almost anything, or removable media which I can just keep everything in an encrypted vault and then store in local lock-down or in a trusted off-site location.
Most of the good online services are a yearly fee for unlimited storage. I'm currently using Amazon Cloud Drive, though I've used both Crashplan and Backblaze in the past. At $60/year, I've yet to have any issues. I'm currently sitting on 15TB stored, and I know several people that are well over 100TB without a problem. That doesn't mean that they won't pull the rug out from under us at some point, but I think it's the deal for the near future. I push incremental daily with an rclone script (after Duplicati has deduped and encrypted it), but ACD has its own software that's super easy to use and there's lots of others that can sync up with it. You can also FUSE mount ACD for persistence if you're into that.

Crashplan was unbearably slow for me and Backblaze refuses to support Linux, both of which were ultimately deal breakers for me. They were fine offerings for other uses cases though. Any of those would probably meet your needs for unlimited online at a reasonable price if you thought you wanted it.
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