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Re: [fawm] wulfsok

Originally Posted by AMechanics View Post
Track 5: Really tight and clear production on this again, like the others. I really like the mood of this track and the toned down base really helps keep the beat alive, without sodding up the feel of things over all. Reminds me of some of the more low-key early stuff from the German trance duo "Jam & Spoon".

Track 6: Feels very much like 2 tracks in one the way that intro pauses. Not too sure it that works..and I'd probably shorten that pause if this were my track. I'm not going to suggest anything to you to change or do other than I think this is a great track, despite your own doubts..just wish it were longer and I hope many of the guys doing this FAWM come back to the tracks you've posted and re-work / edit em more, as they are really solid tracks even as they currently stand.

For the record..and at the risk of sounding like a boring old fart..not all of us like our stuff banging on the base front..and I think you have a really good handle on doing base just right: loud enough for it to carry well trough a track..but easy enough on the ear for it to be a real pleasure to listen to. (Note to self: Must pick his brains on this at some point.)
omg yes that pause is wayy too long. if i can get some motivation behind my fawm again (started working so it slowed down) ill redo this one. i wanted there to be a point of ZERO signal, and that was hard considering i had to pretty much study dithering to get the quiet. thank you for noticing the similarity between #2 and #6, becaquse i wanted to build up to the eventual 7 (the last track probably)

but i guess we're both boring farts haha. i cant stand heavy lows and mids anymore... modern EDM seems like a cash grab at the loudness wars, meanwhile destroying our hearing..

did you know lots of amateur artists dont know what a DC filter is?? yeah id be careful haha

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