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Re: Why is music in scales and keys?

Originally Posted by zaroukos View Post
Either way, HARMONICS is a formula that man has made to write down what sounds ("naturally") good to human ears. Some other intelligent creatures in the universe may have a totally different "natural" interception on what we call harmony....
To an extent.

It's a tricky thing to talk about.

Sound is waves. Hertz are a measurement of oscillations in one second. Those waves are the same no matter what, they're altered by traveling through different mediums and all those kinds of factors, but at least within the confines of what we know as the universe sounds is a set thing. It's a consequence of matter, and sounds from the source will always be the same.

The difference factor is the receiver. The coincidence of the peaks and troughs in two sine waves of different pitches is a constant, but how that information is picked up can have any variety of physically sound variety. The concept of harmony isn't a musical thing, it's just applicable as music terminology. The instruments we've built and the music we've made is focused around the frequencies we can perceived, but the physical fact that certain frequencies wave patterns line up in specific ways doesn't change. The range that a creature detects, the curve of response, and the fidelity of how well they hear, and then the mental processing that happens, that could certainly result in alien life regarding our music as fucking horrible.

I suppose my point is this: sound is physics and waves are the same no matter what. I think it's logical that many species would not have an extremely dissimilar way of understanding sound. But many also probably would. It just depends on the local sonic atmosphere where they came to exist.

That's why music is in scales and keys, gentlement hahahaha a

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