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Re: Korg R3 vs Miniak

i have experience only with the R3.

I find it very easy to use, and particularly easy to modify patches etc. The options for modifying are great too –I've always been able to modify the things i needed. Particularly with their step sequencer function which allows you to mod parameters using a recorded sequence of automation.

The r3 has a great sound. It sounds like a synth, not like a computer (a good thing). Though I don't find the sound quite as compelling as the Roland Gaia –that is a super fun synth.

The vocoder is great and super handy that the r3 comes with a goose neck microphone. Much easier to use than a mic stand etc.

On reflection, I would have bought a synth that has more knobs and buttons i.e. gaia or radias. With soft synths sounding better and better, the main factor which attracts me to using a synth is the fun factor of messing with the buttons.
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