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Icon14 Club Bangerz Vol. 1 Release Hype - 05/05/2017

(voting link is on bandcamp page)


It's time to listen, its time to vote, and it's time to share this shiz with your future fans! I'd love for people to comment below about songs they enjoy - do drunk reviews of the album, whatever makes you happy. Hell, try to influence each other's votes.

As everyone knows, compilations are made by people who don't have enough talent or patience to release an album of their own. IDMf Club Bangerz (sic) is smart in that it tries to avoid this pitfall by using several tracks by Qianta.

If that wasn't enough genius for you it also has a lot of pink on the album cover, and a weird shade of purple too.

Obviously I didn't listen to the album in full, but if I had I would probably have something like this to say: IDMf Club Bangerz (sic) is the exact dance music you would expect from this community. It has all the boring traits of house music that these bedroom nerds usually scowl at, but somehow manages to fuse it with all the tedium of their own bleak artistic expression.

In all honesty, Dictator is my favourite Clash song of all time, but the rest of Cut the Crap feels like it has no place in the band's catalog. You're much better off with everything from the London Calling era, and a lot of the work on Sandinista is worth checking out too. You also can't go wrong with some of the more fun songs from Combat Rock like Should I Stay or Should I Go and Rock the Casbah.

Famously Roger Ebert was not a fan of Blue Velvet. Often I trust the judgements that man made but sometimes I just don't get it. He also gave We Need to Talk About Kevin four stars out of four stars. That movie had very two dimensional characters in my opinion, and gave very little insight into the true horrors of school massacres.

Using numbers to review things is a little arbitrary as it is. No one needs to know what you rate something out of four. At least rate it out of five. Some websites rate movies and games out of 100. They can actually afford to be that specific, although they don't usually justify the difference between an 86 out of 100 and an 87, you know?

Actually, Netflix just switched to this new percentage thing but I don't think it works too well. It tells me I have an 80% match on shows I rated 5/5 on the old system, but to be an 80% match means I would have rated them 4/5.

OH! Also, Oatbag's on there twice, because he remixed a track. That almost slipped past me. Mysta FX too. Probably others.

Anyway, this album is probably 4/4 all the way through. I don't know if that's helpful to you, but I think most people who review music completely neglect time signatures because they don't know what they're listening to.

Maybe a friend who features on IDMf Club Bangerz (sic) could force you to put it on your phone. Then you might be out somewhere, and you'll run out of data, and if there's no Wi-Fi you'll still have something to listen to.

Or you could just download it now, listen to it, and form your own opinions on how great it is.

-Tim (The Professional)

I do ask that you link people to the album bandcamp instead of directly to the voting page so you can at least pretend that they might have listened to something before voting. The link to the vote page is in the album description, but unfortunately it doesn't seem that it's possible to embed the widget (was what I had hoped to do).
With this voting software, it is possible to cheat and vote multiple times by doing tricky things. Please don't. I can't really stop you without paying lots of real money and turning on the extra vote protection that also accidentally blocks real people and still doesn't prevent all ways to fake votes.

Download of the entire album is available (how else are we going to get those sweet sweet mixes started).

If you are interested in submitting a mix - download away, do your dj thing, upload it to your favourite hosting site, and post it up in this thread!

I have set the download (for now) to album only and have option to pay what you want. You can choose zero. You should choose zero. But, if you do choose to contribute - it will go towards the prize for the next compilation (which will be announced June 1 YAY).
Streaming the songs from the bandcamp page is free of course too!
I can turn individual song downloads on later.


(this is the link we want to share - not directly to the voting app thing)

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