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Re: The ultimate IDMf Community project?

I would like to see this section get stronger. All the different projects getting started here lately have been pretty exciting IMO. Love that the Album Writing Month got picked up as an official IDMf comm. project. Love that Auto took it upon himself to start the Game one as well.

I think this section is needed and should be nurtured. Having more interactive things going on besides discussion is essential the forum's future. And as Benwaa and the other admins cannot be running netlabel comps constantly it only makes sense for some of us who are IDMf fam to make the most of this forum.

Probably needs to be that you need a certain number of posts to start threads in here? Or new threads need Mod approval? I agree with RFJ that keeping the general one on one collabs out of here (dunno if it is even an issue). Other than that I dont know if making more rules will help.

I could see an argument for keeping "outside" remix comps and things out as well, though obviously I have vested interest in voting for letting outside remix comps etc reside here. I guess I would look at it this way: if it is a project that an active member is actually involved in at the ground level and is inviting the whole community to participate that seems kosher. But I wouldnt want to see a bunch of random Famous Producer X, New Song Y remix comps being spammed here. Totally not meant as a troll statement just an easy example: Skrillex or Burial dont need help promoting their remix comps.

Maybe a good general rule is only allow things that invite the entire community and help foster member projects whether internal or external?
@Nyul and his idea ...I think maybe long term or recurring projects could get stickied and things that will be rather temporary or one off could just stay unstickied....not complaining, but I feel like IDMf is already sub and sub-sub-forumed plenty ;p

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