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Re: CV Expander / effect box

I bought my Bitrazer a few months back, but didn't really have time to dive too deep into it. Thanks to this thread, I figured it was time to do so. And this thing is fucking awesome. Get it, man, you won't regret it.

You can basically disconnect the hardwired connections completely and turn it into this hybrid midi controller that does a lot of interesting things. So it has 8 inputs and 2 outputs and all of them can take/send audio, gates, and CV. In fact, if anything, you can use it as an interface/mixer. All the channels show up independently and you can plug 8 audio channels in, so you can record things independently or just use it as glorified mixer.

Now the customizer is where this thing really shines. You can turn it into a synth, since it has Saw and Square wave oscillators. It shows up as a midi device in your DAW. One of the customized modules is Midi-to-CV. So you basically can send midi from your DAW, convert it to CV. Feed it into an oscillator. Add amp, envelope, filter. Boom, you have a complete one voice synth and it actually sounds pretty good.

The biggest limitation is that you only have 6 slots to fill, which is not a lot. Since Roland discontinued these, I doubt they'll be updating them. But if by some chance they do push an update to at least double the number of slots, this thing will really become a total powerhouse.

It really comes alive when you pair it with an SQ-1. For example, I created an envelope. Assigned one of the Griffers (that's what they call knobs/buttons on the front panel) to Decay. But then that Griffer itself has a CV in. So get SQ-1 to send CVs to that and now you have this sequence where your decay is being changed by SQ-1. Send that to your MS-20's LP filter cutoff input and go nuts.

You have things like Gate Dividers and Logic operators. So you can have feed a sequence from SQ-1 into it and transform it into something else. Then if you use stackable cables or Erthenvar IV cables, you can basically use the original from SQ-1 for one parameter and the transformed one for another. Since it has 2 outputs, you can do that independently for both sequences of SQ-1.

I've been having so much fun with it the past few days. Hooked up my Kastle to it. Built a simple patch with an envelope and filter, neither of which Kastle has. Hooked up SQ-1 to both and I was instantly in loopy techno heaven.

So many possibilities with this thing and since you have all this semi-modular gear, I think you'll be able to make full use of it. Here are all the modules. You can stack all the inputs and outputs as many times as you like for every module:

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