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Re: Adobe DAW? Adobe Audition

Originally Posted by SeanIsElectric View Post
Anyone used this before. Is it more for sound editing than actual production? The reason I'm asking, I love Adobe software. Can't use Corel Draw for shit, mastered Photoshop on my taff. Can't use Sony Vegas. Mastered Adobe Premiere on my taff.

Struggle self teaching myself on the usual DAW fare. If Adobe made a DAW, maybe it would gel with me. I'm not looking to EVER do this commercially. Just as a hobby, a bit of fun so don't want something overly involving that requires you to watch 3 hours tutorials to lay down a bar..
First and foremost, making electronic music totally from scratch is a hobby that *will* require more of 3 hours of learning to get any satisfying results.

If you want something related to music you can get reasonably moderate results in a couple Saturday afternoons buy Traktor and maybe a controller and learn to mix tunes.

That being said, I agree that it is unfair and misleading to really call Adobe Audition a proper DAW. It isn't. For all the reasons listed. It is a post production audio editor. You will honestly get way more frustrated trying to make full tunes in Audition than learning one of the proper DAWs.

My other suggestion, if you are talking about spending Adobe money, is to pick up one of the new Korg Electribes. Everything you need to make a full tune in one box. You can sit on your couch with it and a pair of headphones and fool around to your heart's content. Drum kits, full synth engine, insert and master buss FXs.

Maschine might be another option--not quite a full DAW, but it'll get you there if this is just a hobby. Comes with a boat load of sounds, FX, mixing tools and some Kontakt libraries and Massive.

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