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Re: Mixing Tips (House, EDM)

I know this isn't what you want to hear but all I have to offer is general advice. I remember when I was running around trying to find the stuff you're looking for now and I never got it, just a whole lot (and I mean a LOT) of "Use your ears" and "it depends on the song". That's not necessarily good advice but that's about the best you can give because mixing is such a specific, situational thing. Mixing takes forever to learn, and you'll find that people don't like sharing the tips they learn for two reasons: 1) People want to keep their hard-earned information to themselves and 2) Most advice you can give on the topic is so specific that you couldn't think to give it unless you're actually listening to a mix and can hear where the song would benefit from using it.

My advice is to keep using what you can get your hands on through youtube videos and keep getting your mixes critiqued by as many people as you can. Also when you see a mix critique thread listen to other people's tracks and pay attention to what people are saying about those. That information can be just as useful as the stuff directed at your music and there's tons of it out there. Just keep at it don't get discouraged.

Two more general tips that are on my mind right now because they were relevant to the mix I'm currently working on:

1) Have your mix in mind from the second you start a song. The more you think about where each instrument will sit in the mix before you add/make it, the less you will have to fight with them to fit after you've become used to hearing them as they are.

2) Similar to the last one, but don't get too attached to how your synths sound before you mix them. You want to keep the timbre, the body and the personality of the instrument, but learn to be comfortable with making sacrifices. It doesn't matter how great a synth sounds if it ducks out half way through the song or clashes with your bass.
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