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Re: Software for collaboration over the internet?

Originally Posted by philc View Post
So, I've had this idea for a while and finally figured out how to make it happen with Ableton. The only problem is it's a big task, and a lot of code needs to be written. Too big of a project for me to do alone. However, it is possible. I wrote a proof of concept that allowed me to remotely control my friends ableton through the internet using nothing but code.

In essence, it's possible for two people (or more for that matter) to work on the same track, at the same time, through the internet w/ Ableton. PersonA makes a modification, and the modification shows up on PersonB's ableton session and vice versa in realtime.

Anyone wanna fund me?
Just imagine if Ableton actually did this, would be amazeballs. There's definitely tons of ppl asking for it and with cloud-based syncs becoming more and more important and prominent, who knows how soon they might look into it.
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