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Re: [Melodic Techno?] Boltzman - Ayam (Boltzman Remix)

Originally Posted by einmeier View Post
As you're using a straight 4/4-Kick-Pattern and a bunch of electronic sounds and because of the tempo, hey, i'd say it's sort of a trancey house-track, at the beginning, as the dark, menacing melody kicks in it really becomes some sort of a classic 'Techno'.

I really enjoy the smooth and relaxed vibe of the tune! Maybe the vocals are a little bit 'loud' in the mix but beside of that, i like the drums (very pristine sound) and the deep, deeeep, very deeeeeeeeep pad/chord-sounds, even the tiny, dark melody is pretty cool. As so far no one gave you a feedback i expected some boring tune not worth mentioning, but to be honest, it's a pretty decent and well-made track i do enjoy. So, bigup!
Thanks for the feedback man!

I'm very happy you enjoyed it!

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