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What is repetitive in a good way?

Something I've noticed over the past few years is how repetitive music can seem and how boring it can get when its the same few measures repeated for the majority of a song. With music that is focused on vocals, this isn't a huge issue because the singer talks about different things, makes changes in cadence and melody, stuff like that so the fact that there is little to no variation in the instrumental doesn't seem to matter that much to the ear. When I started listening to electronic music more and more I noticed how some songs can get so boring even after a couple minutes because they just keep rehashing the same idea over and over again. But then I would catch myself listening to music that I like from more of a technical perspective, often times some of the best, most listenable songs were actually really repetitive. Why is it so boring when one song has the same sounds over and over agin? But when this other song does it, its almost comforting not to mention hypnotic. A lot of older house, dubstep and techno seem to do this comforting repetitiveness very well. One can find it so reassuring to have a feeling for what the next part of the song will sound like, but still be engaged by the slight variations, additions or subtractions to the track without just getting bored and wanting to go on to the next one. I really love music that basically goes for a general vibe and strong atmosphere, so I've been trying to figure out what are some ways that producers make repetitiveness a way to build an ambience in their songs, verses those who use it as a way to be lazy. What are your guy's thoughts on this? Should we avoid repetitiveness at all costs? Or can we use it to create a meditative theme throughout a song, allowing for the listener's thoughts to almost be subconsciously incorporated into the music?


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