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Re: Favorite DAW/Sequencer?

Originally Posted by Permutated View Post
Just did a google search for it, looks rad!

What are some of the high/low points in your opinion?
High points:
- Octaphonic internal mixing capabilities (not really something that everyone needs, particularly not for standard IDM, but I use it quite a bit)
- Extremely flexible (nested busses on top of nested busses)
- 32-bit floating point precision throughout (I know others do bigger, but they also dither down multiple times)
- It's free (as in speech, and free as in beer)!
- Extremely reliable development team (won't release any potentially buggy code)
- it's the best there is in the Linux DAW world (and since I run Linux...) it does also run on Mac (yay for Unix compatibility)
- Once the LADSPA plugins are installed, then there's hundreds of onboard fully automated effects

Low points:
- MIDI isn't implemented yet (though the development screenshots look sweet)
- VST plugins are kinda tricky to get working (and not all will be compatible with the linux environment)
- not designed to replace a wave editor
- I've heard mixed things about it's OSX capabilities, but never seen/tried it myself

Really is a workhorse in the linux audio toolkit, and I imagine it is a little-known option for Mac users. If anyone tries it on mac, please give a review, I'd like to hear what you think.

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