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Re: experimentation.

I feel like "experimental" always means the music either crap so calling it "experimental" is an excuse for it to sound awful or be pointless noise OR its still awful and trying to make some kind of academic point that is actually more interesting on paper than to listen to.

Pop music has changed...NEVER...not really. It is basically fun music people can easily sing along to when they are having a good time, probably imbibing some kind of intoxicant. There are other kinds of music with a more niche audience of course. I'll credit @Jaded for this idea.

But the great thing is, for most of us, and don't let anyone here on Intellegent (lol) Dance Music Forums try to trick you into believing otherwise, people are VERY open to hearing more well crafted easily accessible music. 90% of what gets made and posted about here is fairly accessible.

Honestly I'm very happy not breaking new ground just making "dumb" dance beats and synth sounds in my guest bedroom and rocking out to my own probably very average music with a beer in my hand and a smile on my face.

The big probably with music is "the global community" and the internet. Before the internet and the global community, being the best guitar player in town made you a celebrity. Now you have to rock your tits off harder than Jimi Hendrix to be "good".

Even back in my early "rave days" a couple dudes with Electribes and few guitar pedals and a mixer could be local techno celebrities. Now if you show up to the dance with that setup and even do a decent job nobody gives a flying poo. And honestly how can you blame them since we have unlimited access to everything from the absolute best to the absolute worst?

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