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Re: experimentation.

Originally Posted by mute machine View Post
so, I have been releasing some of my demo tracks on soundcloud lately and a lot of the time I feel like I haven't done anything that someone hasn't already, when I was trying so hard to do something different I was never satisfied with my work, I would delete most of my songs and start over so much no-one every heard my stuff... now most of it sounds like chillwave and I like chillwave but not many other people do anymore since everyone thinks it died out... any suggestions on how to fix this feeling?
The reason you feel like you haven't done anything which hasn't already been done is because you haven't. You can't really fix that feeling because it's the truth, so you may as well deal with it.

And honestly, if you did something truly original, nobody would like it, because it wouldn't mean anything to them. You'd literally pique the interests of a few obscure people who also make music and then they'll start imitating your sound and releasing their own music and maybe even start a scene, and your original thing will be come a genre and everyone will be doing it and some guys on the other side of the world will be hailed as innovators for copying your style.

Seriously, you don't want to be the skinny white Italian guy in a 70s disco who clears the floor with his bleep bloop music. You want to be the fat black man in 1980's Detroit who gets a name like "Godfather of house" or "Purpose maker" or some shit because they copied some obscure Italian music from the 70's called techno.

Just make music and have fun. If you think your music sounds like some genre or the other. Then great, because that means you have a reference to tell if what you're doing is any good.
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