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Re: Transformational music?

Originally Posted by soundmodel View Post
Yes, I've studied formal music theory and while understanding the things is essential for someone working with notation, it also presents a "formal" theory on "how to write music" for some, which I consider a bit limiting. I mean, some of the theory has come from studying composers and their music. But there's not necessarily correlation between making music and understanding/following theory. I'm not sure if anyone can write music "just by theory". Rather, the theory is merely a tool.

I know and can understand theory, but when I write music, I rely on intuition purely. If I need to do "technical" adjustments, then the relying on theory might step in.
Sorry..I didn't mean YOU personally..just that most of the people I've ever met who talked about Music Theory all the time just never seemed to actually make music, even though they each claimed that's what they wanted to.

Personally, my understanding of Music Theory is very limited, but saying that, I've never had to fall back on it in order to produce the music I have to date. Yet those folks I'm talking about would always"look down" on me,, "Sure, you make music, but you don't know anything about what you're actually doing." One of them actually laughed in my face!

Needless to say, I'm not friends with the guy anymore.

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