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Re: [Electro House] Voyidge - Bear Mace

Hey, I'll be commenting as I listen.
Intro is really busy, I feel like the main synth could have less reverb in this part.
I like the drop, and funny enough I feel like it needs more depth/reverb or something, hard to put my finger on it. (texture?) Your percussion is really on point, enough variation and comes through clean and clear. When the break comes in at 2 minutes, I like the change and the rhythm. Final section around 4:40 we go back to the other bassline, slightly different. By this point I was starting to get bored with the track to be completely honest, but this is a simple fix..just make the track shorter...hit that 4-5 minute sweet spot.

Overall main point, make the track shorter as to not lose interest and maybe mess around with the bassline in the parts I mentioned. Keep up the good work dude!

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