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hello people!

I'm a 22 year old guy who's been doing music (electronic, piano, guitar) on and off for about ten years now. Nothing released - due to some combination of idiosyncratic tastes and lacking discipline - but slowly getting more and more satisfied with the output, exploring synthesis, mixing, production at my own erratic pace.

Primary inspiration for my electronic music comes from psytrance, italo/hi-nrg, electronic body music, electro house.

Other sources are dubstep, techno, d'n'b, funk.

When not listening to electronic music I enjoy tons of folk rock, jazz, rock'n'roll, garage rock, stoner/sludge metal, classical piano etc with my radar firmly set on the psychedelic/melancholic/intangible.

My DAW is Cubase and my main VST is Synth1, splendid freebie.

As an intermediate/experienced producer and musician I hope to contribute on most subjects - mainly subtractive synthesis, music theory, common fucking sense and general sophistic musings.

This place seems great! My only doubts concern the name and the requirement to know Aphex Twin's real name. Aphex Twin is extremely overrated, sorry.



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