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Re: Need Advice! All this gear and I donít know where to start

Honestly in the past 12 years I have been just messing around with many ideas. I have a few finished tracks but nothing solid. I know Iíve been lazy, but also life has gotten in the way numerous times. Iím ready to buckle up and put serious time into doing this.

I have had the octatrack for about 4 months. Iíve got the basic workflow down, but I know there is an entire world of capabilities it has. I am willing to invest some serious time into learning the machine as I know that I can get some great ideas out of it both from a live and studio perspective. Also, I love the fact that I can sequence my midi gear with it.

Iíve read that many give up on the machine because of its steep learning curve. I donít want to give up on it as I truly believe that it could be a valuable piece of gear that has the potential to be the heart of my rig.
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