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Re: Mixing Tips (House, EDM)

Originally Posted by CallAndResponse View Post
In my opinion the most important tip and thing about mixing is that you have to get your sound selection right first before anything. If you are selecting sounds which clash and simply don't come together as a solid music piece then you are off to a crap mix from the very beginning. You need to analyze where your sounds are most prominent and give each their own space with EQ. If you have picked your sounds well then your mix will sound half decent before you have even put an EQ anywhere. From there you use EQ to make it sound better.

But seriously don't overlook this advice. For example a rookie producer might have a bass synth in his track but it is playing an octave too low. As a result there is too much low end frequency content and so the producers goes on a 1 hour EQing spree to try and "fix" it. Well EQ doesn't fix everything. If that producer had just moved his bass one octave higher the problem would be almost entirely gone. You see how such a small decision can have such a large impact? It is not always obvious to new producers where each instrument should be sitting in the frequency spectrum. Many producers will have chords and a lead playing in the same octave with fundamental frequencies in the 200-500Hz range and then they wonder why they cannot get the mix sounding right. Well perhaps because you have 3 to 4 notes playing in the same frequency range. Move the lead up and octave maybe? Open up the voicing of your chords? Doing a little change like that may save you hours of EQing AND it will probably sound better in the end anyway.

This is why I always say that the 3 most important things about mixing (in this order) are 1) sound selection 2) eq 3) compression
WHYYYY COMPESSIONNN WHYYY PLEASE TELL ME. I Never understood what the hell does a compressor do. Why , when , and how much do you use it ? I know you would answer 'it depends' but please explain a little. I know what it does but I never felt like I needed to use one such as the need to use an EQ. I never used a compressor in my tracks. And a lot of people say the Fruity Compressor in FL Studio sucks , but I can't judge because I don't know how to use one. Don't tell me a compressor controls the dynamic range of sound. I know what it does. Give me examples. please
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