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Re: the ressurrection of IDMf Radio?

Originally Posted by scyn View Post
Could we maybe consider an open slot each week that someone can fill if they want? Just think it would be nice to give ppl a chance to get a feel for it rather than them never trying because they're freaked out about making a commitment. Can ppl commit to a period like a month too? Also we gonna have to pester stu for a banner or something. Else it just goes unnoticed again.
Couple things about these concerns,

One is that this is another good reason to have someone with spare time to help manage the whole shebang. If we need someone who can take care of people completely new to streaming - it takes time and work and you need someone to provide live feedback (i.e. "can you hear the stream?", "what software are you using", "how is your encoder set up")

Yes, Benwaa mentioned in the op that you could commit to a period of a month, unless he edited that in later on. "who's interested in doing a regular show? weekly/fortnightly or monthy"

The thing about adding something like a "bannner" to the website means we need to know exactly what we want, how we're going to implement it, and dead set on keeping it there - and we all need to agree on it. It would be easier to modify the sidebar I'm thinking?

What it comes down to is that if people aren't willing to make the commitment or it's going to "freak them" (it's not a whole lot of commitment, mind you, it is however somewhat specialised knowledge) or interrupt with their regular schedule - then maybe they shouldn't! Not meant in a negative way of course, but it works better as an opportunity for people who are dead set on providing entertainment to have a regular schedule as opposed to a system for teaching people how to stream.

If we're going to do an open slot for "whomever" to jump on? There are a few issues with that, one being giving the stream information to "whomever" that they may interrupt on the stream "whenever" (depending on how the service handles that), we won't want people fighting over stream control so we'll need someone to moderate for those timeslots if problems arise in it.

I feel like I've typed a lot... These are just what I think about when it comes to making it work happily. :3

I mean, take with a fistful of salt.

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